This is not a “how to take pretty pictures of flowers and kittens” site.  If you want to learn how to take pretty pictures, there are a TON of sites where you can learn how to do that.  You can learn great photography taught by people who are WAAAY better at it than I am.

What — or more accurately, WHO this site IS for: photographers who want to collect more portraits of Dead Presidents. You know, collect cash, mint coin, Count deBux…in other words, MAKE MONEY.  I earned a very good income from photography for many years.  During that time, I saw hundreds of very talented photographers struggle financially.  Even today, there are a few “big name” photographers (and NO, I am NOT going to share their names) who have confided in me that if their wife was not working, they could not buy a car!  That’s sad…no one who has an investment in photographic equipment and training, who can make a reasonably good image should struggle.  I like to think that I may be able to help.

Is this site one of those vehicles where I give you vague information in order to sell you my products? NO–oh, how I HATE that!  I will, from time to time, mention products that I use. On some of those, I may receive an affiliate commission. There may be ads on my pages, and if you click on them, I might get paid.  Please remember I am working my way through life, as Don Feltner used to say.  I am not charging a membership fee or subscription fee, and I am paying for the server all on my dime.

In my early years, I was a disciple of Don Feltner, Paul Castle, Gary Jentoff, and other promotional-minded photographers.  But my biggest influence was the late Lisle Ramsey.  Lisle took my little 700 square foot studio in a local department store and turned it into a money making machine. Lisle passed away a few years ago, after dedicating his life to helping photographers earn an excellent income. And so it is to him that I dedicate this effort.

If you are TIRED of earning dimes and want to earn REAL money from your photography, I’ll give you the tools here.  Will all of them work for you?  Probably not.  But if you approach it with an open mind and are willing to work just a little bit harder than the other guy, you’ll see things change for the better.  Remember this one thing:

GOD gives the talent, WE must give the effort!